Presence training

Due to the current COVID case numbers, we are not offering classroom training at this time. Please use our live webinars or our new e-learning platform. As soon as the situation improves, you will be able to book them again. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

The systematic training of employees in the handling of personal data is one of the most important components of corporate data protection. Many data breaches or violations of the GDPR occur due to ignorance and lack of awareness of sensitive data. As a company, it is your duty to train your employees in the handling of personal data.

As data protection experts, we can support you in this process and conveniently provide on-site training for your employees. In this way, you meet the legal requirements and convey real-life content on data protection to your employees. The subsequent question and answer session and the opportunity for discussion ensure that the content is fully assimilated. After successful participation, all attendees will receive a certificate of participation.

If required, we also offer our training courses in English, Spanish, Romanian and Turkish. Aroused interest? Feel free to contact us and we will arrange everything by phone.

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Not the right fit for you? Feel free to take a look at our other training models and choose the one that best suits your needs:

Personal exchange despite distance regulation: Our live webinars offer the possibility to ask questions in the context of an online training of maximum 25 participants and thus to deepen the heard contents in particular.

Maximum flexibility: Through our e-learning offer you can instruct individual employees regardless of time and place