Liberal professions

Liberal professions, such as doctors, lawyers, architects, notaries, tax consultants or auditors, are often faced with special data protection challenges due to the processing of sensitive data.

The combination of data protection law and professional duty of confidentiality often causes entrepreneurs as well as supervisory authorities to have different assessments of how to handle sensitive data.

We at MKM Datenschutz see it as our task to reconcile the legal requirements of data protection with your economic goals. As lawyers and data protection experts, we know and understand the needs of your professional group. Whether as an external data protection officer or as an experienced data protection consultant, our goal is to develop an individual solution concept tailored to your freelance profession and to integrate it as seamlessly as possible into your business processes. This way, you benefit from the legal certainty of our advice and can concentrate fully on your work. Of course, our attorneys at MKM + PARTNER  will also represent you in court and before regulatory authorities, if necessary.

Feel free to contact our contact persons for a first non-binding consultation and benefit from a partnership with the MKM data protection experts.