Data protection advice

“Data is the new oil” and no business can do without it anymore.

The equation of oil and data as a resource serves as a metaphor to emphasize the value of data and the potential it holds for our business world. However, the increasing amount of data brings not only opportunities but also risks that need to be managed.

To ensure that you as a company can focus fully on your core business, we as experienced data protection consultants develop a solution concept that is tailored to your individual needs and implement it smoothly into your business processes. In this way, you benefit from consulting that finds a solution between your goals and the legal requirements.

Learn more about our consulting services as data protection experts and lawyers and have a look at MKM.,


Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018, we have been experiencing a transformation in data protection regulation. In addition, there are cybersecurity challenges and an increasing level of automation in dealing with big data, such as Big Data applications and legal tech solutions. Digital innovation in the public and private sectors is becoming essential for more and more companies.

The GDPR provides a legal framework for the new challenges, which must be complied with but also exploited. Our experts therefore advise on all issues relating to the handling of data.

We focus in particular on compliance with data protection regulations and information security. We provide advice to ensure that data is handled in accordance with the law. We support you in overcoming hurdles that affect the introduction of new applications, complex processing, and dealing with people and data protection supervisory authorities.

Certification support

The topic of data protection is becoming an increasingly important criterion in the context of certifications. ISO 27701 further develops and expands the well-known ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System (ISMS)) and supplements it with data protection criteria.

With the currently running research project “AUDITOR”, a first EU-wide data protection certification of cloud services will be developed, which is based on a comprehensive criteria catalog. MKM is listed as a partner in this project and is actively collaborating on the project.

As specialists in the field of data protection, the most experienced consultants of MKM Datenschutz support and accompany your company in certifications for data protection of any kind.

This includes in particular

  • Preparation of audits
  • Analysis of criteria catalogs as well as derivation of recommended actions for implementation
  • Evaluation of the data protection management system with regard to the specifications of the criteria catalog
  • Completion or adaptation of documentation in the area of data protection for certification purposes
  • Monitoring of the data privacy sub-process as part of the certification process

Application testing

The deployment and use of applications and applications that process large volumes of data are becoming unavoidable in the digitization process. The development of such programs can and should be accompanied by a data protection law analysis in order to enable later, legally compliant use and to document the audit.

During the development and implementation of applications MKM accompanies you comprehensively, so that your company can offer and use data protection compliant products.

The degree of detail depends on your wishes and requirements. Our consultants are specialized in different aspects of this task and provide highly diversified support. If highly specialized technical knowledge is required, we also speak the language of software developers and engineers in order to cooperate with them.

Contract consulting

Often, solutions for handling data can be designed through contracts. In individual companies, different regulations come into consideration than in international groups. When it comes to data protection in particular, it is not just the will of the parties that is decisive for the formulation, but above all applicable laws and current case law.

The General Data Protection Regulation offers various options for the use and processing of data, which have to be tailored exactly to the respective requirements. Due to its legal consulting focus, MKM masters these possibilities and uses them to the advantage of its customers and clients.

We can assist your company with contract management – especially if, for example, you need to conclude a large number of order processing contracts because your customers are your clients. We are happy to work with you on the design of joint responsibility contracts, master service agreements or Binding Corporate Rules (BCR).