Automatic privacy policy

Every operator of a website that stores and processes personal data is required by law to provide an up-to-date privacy policy stating which data is collected and for what purposes. This includes not only data collected via the contact form, such as name and address, but also the IP addresses of your website visitors collected by your server.

In order to ensure that your privacy policy is always up to date and thus protected against regulatory warnings, expert legal knowledge is virtually unavoidable. So that you don’t have to hire a lawyer again directly every time you adjust your website, MKM Datenschutz now offers you an automated privacy policy. We analyze your website automatically so that your privacy policy is always up to date. In addition, we assume full liability in the event of a warning.

With our Legal Tech products, you can quickly and easily make your website legally compliant, take no liability risk and benefit from our personal and competent advice.

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